OCS Bypass Oil Filtration For USA Diesel Pickups. Double Your Oil Change Intervals (Minimum Safely)
Oil Charge Systems was started in 2007 . Originally we offered an oil accumulator cylinder style pre-oiler kit, and also an electric driven oil pump for pre and post oiling of turbo charged engines, ( for no dry bearing start up and turbo cool down after running ) this is where Oil Charge ( as in oil pressure ) in our name came from.  in early 2008, I started to do research on bypass oil filters for diesel trucks, as I wanted one for my 2006 Ford 6.0 Power-Stroke.   After looking at what was out there at the time, I won't mention names, but the most popular known name in the business did not offer a user friendly complete kit.  You could only get a universal bracket that was mounted under the trucks and you had to drill holes in the frame not to mention you got to put hoses together that are rubber with a cloth cover.  It is still the same case today with that manufacturer,  and over two times the price of the OCS kits.  I decided I could put together a user friendly kit complete with high def plasma cut powder-coated bracket that would install in a factory bolt hole location with stainless steel braided cover Teflon tube hoses with PVC cover over the stainless for a no scratch feature the right length already assembled, filter head and Amsoil one micron filter billet aluminum fill cap, filter cap or pancake filter adapter, with all stainless hardware necessary for mounting the kit. If you are changing your oil the complete install adds only ten minutes to the job with all kits.
Thanks Jim / OCS