Buy Oil Bypass Filter Kits

A Better Way To Improve Your Truck 

O C S Bypass Filter Kits For USA Diesel Pickups/Double your oil change intervals (minimum/safely)

Truck lovers truly appreciate all that their truck has to offer them. From its look to its sound to what’s going on under the hood, there’s little question that investing in your truck and keeping it in top shape is a major priority for anyone. That’s why we’ve spent so much time refining our offerings when it comes to bypass oil filter systems. 

Our bypass oil filter systems were created after realizing that it was impossible to find a complete, user friendly bypass oil filter kit. Instead, those looking to upgrade their truck with a bypass system would have to buy brackets, drill holes in the frame, connect hoses, and purchase all the parts individually and hope that everything fit. 

We realized that there was a better way, and today we offer user friendly kits that have everything you need to install a bypass oil filter kit on your Dodge, Chevrolet, or Ford truck. Every system includes everything that is needed, from the caps to the hoses to the hardware needed to mount. And since we use existing holes in the frame, there is no need for drilling anything. 

Once installed, you’ll only increase the time it takes to complete an oil change by ten minutes. Ut the right system can boost performance, increase the lifespan of your truck, and more. By blocking out the fine particles that traditional systems miss, the bypass system is an investment that will help give your truck a longer lifespan. 

Few upgrades can offer as many benefits to power, performance, and engine lifespan as the bypass oil filter system. It’s well worth considering it for your truck, and when you do it is well worth taking a look at the added convenience that our total user friendly kits have to offer. 

Our team is located in Houston Texas, where we have been handling the creation and installation of oil bypass kits for years now. You can place your order for your own kit and get exactly the system that you need for your truck, no matter what it is. With 7 options available and filter systems in clear or black, you’ll be able to find the one that matches your style and your truck.