why OCS is the kit to buy

1. Look at the rest buy the best (O.C.S.).
2. No cutting or drilling, ask our competition about this.
3. All 10 of our kits add 10 minutes to an oil change to completely install.
4. Only powder coated bracket on the market.
5. Only clear pvc cover over stainless steel braided Teflon tube hoses.
6. We sell all parts separately for DIY and spares, others will not sell any spares even if you bought a kit and had a problem and needed another part you would get to buy another kit.
7. We take trade in’s if you upgrade or change trucks.

8. Pays for itself in 3 to 4 oil changes, by doubling the oil change interval mileage and the oil is cleaner than it was at half of this doubled mileage.