The Best Oil Bypass Kits Available 

The Best Oil Bypass Kits Available 

The average gear head already knows just how important putting a bypass oil filter on your vehicle can be – by pulling 1-2 psi of the oil pump capacity and trapping the smaller, almost microscopic particles that are in the oil, these systems are able to quickly eliminate wear and tear and increase oil volume in your vehicle. And we take pride in providing the absolute best oil bypass kits available today. 

A Total Kit
Oil Charge systems are unique – we go beyond basic bypass oil filters to offer a complete, user friendly kit. In the past, owners had to purchase a universal bracket that required them to drill holes in the frame, assemble hoses, install the fittings, and more. 

We take a different approach. You get a complete user friendly oil bypass kit for Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet vehicles when you trust in us, which comes with everything you need including: 

  • Laser Cut Powder Coated Bracket 
  • Mountable In Factory Bolt Hole Locations – No Drilling Needed 
  • Stainless Steel Braided Cover Teflon Tube Hoses 
  • PVC Cover Over Stainless 
  • Filter Head
  • Amsoil One Micron Filter Billet Fill Cap
  • Filter Cap
  • All Mounting Hardware 

In short, you get everything you need to give your vehicle a big upgrade and start enjoying the benefits that it offers.

Why Go Bypass?

There are numerous reasons that our bypass systems are worth investing in. For starters, you actually double the duration of oil change intervals. And with ten different kits to choose from and all hardware included, you will find exactly the Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet bypass oil filter kit that you need.

Making things even better, you’ll extend the life of your engine, and do it all while only adding about 10 minutes to the total time it takes to do a standard oil change. It’s the absolute easiest and best way to give your truck the long life you’re looking for.

Systems You Can Trust

We’ve spent years creating and putting together the best bypass oil filter system kits for our customers, and for more than 11 years we’ve’ been providing solutions for our customers. If you’re looking for a way to get the best bypass at the lowest price and with the least amount of hassle when it’s time to install, take a look at all of our options. You’ll find the system that fits your needs and will be able to install it fast.

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