Dodge bypass oil filter system

Increasing What Your Dodge Truck Can Do

Dodge diesel engines are all about power, and for years the debate between what kind of truck is the best has always included these trucks. The Cummins diesel engine is a thing of beauty, but like most things, it can always be improved upon. 

One of the easiest ways to improve on it? Add a Dodge bypass oil filter kit and take advantage of the benefits that this simple upgrade can offer to you. If you’re not sure why or what to expect from the process, let’s take a closer look. 

Benefits Of The Bypass Oil Filter System
By installing a bypass oil filter kit on your Dodge truck, you’ll be giving your vehicle and yourself numerous benefits. Some examples of the advantages this upgrade offers include the following. 

  • Bypass filters remove the smallest particles in the oil, filtering out additional particles that traditional oil filters can’t capture. (one micron)
  • Pays for itself in three oil changes by doubling the intervals between oil changes.
  • A bypass oil filter system will increase the duration between oil changes by double or more with oil sampling.
  • Your engine will last longer once the bypass oil filter system is installed.

Choosing Your Kit
It wasn’t always easy to find a complete Dodge bypass oil filter kit to install. In the past, you would have to purchase each item individually, drill new holes int the frame of the truck, and go through a tedious installation process. But today it’s easy to buy a Dodge bypass oil filter system in a complete kit setup – and get one that actually uses factory bolt holes so installation is fast and easy. 

You’ll have a couple of options, but unlike other truck makes and models, those driving a Dodge can expect to primarily choose between the 5.9 and the 6.7 models, depending on the engine size in their truck. From there, you pick the year of your truck.

That’s really all there is to the process of finding your kit and giving your truck a major upgrade. With just a little money and a little time, you can increase what your truck can do in a big way and ensure that its engine will last even longer. 

How it works

All bypass oil filters that return the oil to the fill cap or oil pan and not to the pressurized system must use an orifice to retain the engines oil pressure, ours is .032 in diameter this is one of the reasons you do not need large diameter hoses, it takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes driving down the road to cycle one complete sump of oil, much slower than the full flow factory filter but the key is it is cleaning at least 25 time better than the full flow filter because all full flow filters are 25 to 35 micron and the Amsoil filter is 1 micron.

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